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June 17, 2021 Creative Turtles

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Leads!!

it feels worse when we spend time, energy, and money creating content and find that we are not getting responses as we expected that is we are not creating new leads. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to put all effort into such cases.

Before we give up, we should first assess why we are not getting the leads, so here are some reasons for that

 • Takes time – In starting as we all know all the shortcuts look very attractive but they do not result further. Generating leads which is a sustainable and consistent process takes time. The company should do the things that earn the attention of the market instead of trying a shortcut…

 • Healthy relationship – Sometimes it happens that our prospects don’t know who we are, this situation arrives in many cases. To solve this issue the conversation is very important to know what happens in the client’s world. there should be a healthy relationship between the company and the client… this removes the big barriers in getting further leads.

 • Your content is inappropriate – the target of digital marketing should be providing such content which is actually helpful for a customer so that he can buy something from you, for that you have to build some goodwill and trust. pure content is not appropriate to solve customer’s problems, he will take little interest in you and your organization.

 • Not mobile-friendly – Sometimes leads want to convert, but they don’t, because they try to access a desktop site from a mobile. So the technology should be in that way so that people can easily access the site from mobile as well, wherever they are..they can reach the site.

 • Don’t have blogs – Blogs improve your ranking on Google. you can easily generate your leads by providing high-quality content on your company blog. It generates qualified leads because they are the people who are actually interested in your product.

 • You are not giving something for free – ‘Free’ is not just a word, it’s a happy feeling or an attractive feeling. It attracts customers to buy your product. It helps to generate more revenue. People lookout for free things. This gives a chance to explore your product or services and helps you to convert leads into customers. If you are running a website and want to generate leads you should provide something free, something like a free eBook, etc.